New Beginnings - David Hearn

New Beginnings was a transition not only in life but also to a new way of making music. Technology improvements allowed new ways of writing, bringing new fresh sounds and new inspirations. Ethnic sounds combine with synth loops, a fresh approach on multiple layers of guitars, and dynamic percussion. Adding this to the emotional quality and complexity of the music allows New Beginnings to easily impress the progressive and classic rock afficionado.

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Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

New Beginnings
Progressive Rock
A story about a transition in life, and learning to cope with the changes.

Coastal Spaceport
World Fusion
A World Fusion music story about a spaceport near a calm ocean.

Apprehension in the New Age
New Age
12 string and electric leads combine with spacy loops and delayed guitar rhythms.

Progressive Rock
Very simply engineered and recorded, this emotive song is exactly what is is named, a form of Catharsis.

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